Fee structure for 2021

School fees payment plans

Siblings are eligible for a 10% discount on tuition only.
Basic fee per month0.0%R4,750.00 x 12
Annually in January – December EFT7%R53,010.00 x 1
3 Terms (EFT)5%R18,050.00 x 3
3 Days a week0.0%R3,500.00 x 12

Additional fees

Aftercare payment plans

Casual aftercare costs are R60/hour until 17h30.
Basic fee per month0.0%R1,200.00 x 12
Annually in January – December EFT7%R13,392.00 x 1
3 Terms cheques/EFT only5%R4,800.00 x 3

Terms and conditions

Please note

You are reminded to register your child for placement in Oakhill Preschool as placement is not guaranteed if you have not enrolled your child and paid the registration fees. We are experiencing a high demand for placement so it is important that you act swiftly.

Parents please note that interest will be charged on overdue accounts at 3% per month.

No exception to the above will be permitted and the school reserves the right to refuse access to the school should any of the above payment options not be adhered to. The onus is on you, the parent/s/guardian/s to ensure that payments are made timeously.